A full range of catering and food thermometers which can be used in the catering and food industry as well as in the home. From monitoring fridge and freezer temperatures with our analogue fridge/freezer thermometers and digital fridge / freezer thermometers, sugar thermometers for making jams and caramels, speciality yogurt thermometers, to making sure joints of meat are cooked in the middle with our large selection of meat thermometer probes – At Thermometer World we have a thermometer for all your catering and food temperature monitoring needs!

Fridge Freezer Thermometers

Horizontal Fridge Freezer Thermometer


Fridge Freezer Thermometers

Fridge/Freezer Thermometer


Barista Coffee Making Equipment

Milk Frothing Thermometer and Barista Jug Pack


Fridge Freezer Thermometers

Dial Fridge Freezer Thermometer


Barista Coffee Making Equipment

Milk & Coffee Thermometer


Jam & Sugar Thermometers

Dial Sugar & Jam Thermometer


Food Probe Thermometers

Meat Thermometer for Roasting


Barista Coffee Making Equipment

Barista Coffee Kit