Barista Coffee Making Equipment
Barista Coffee Making Equipment

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Thermometer World was created to give you, it’s customers a wide range of accurate thermometers at great prices. Our carefully sourced thermometer range covers sectors such as catering, gardening, around the home, and specialist temperature measurement applications. We offer free UK delivery on orders over £50. Based in the UK, we are confident in offering high quality sourced products at very competitive prices. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Thermometer World newsletter below and get notified about product launches, money off coupon codes, special offers and company news.

Customer Feedback

I bought my first gecko, and I needed a thermometer for the enclosure. So, I came across this one and decided to buy it. It works very well and helps me keep track of temperature! Highly recommended!!”


Good delivery, well packed. Just what i wanted to keep a check on an unused storage room that I don’t want to get damp. Don’t have to put the heater on so much unless the temp is too low!”


Bought for wine and craft beer storage and tested with other professional thermometers, the temperature is almost exact. So, if you are looking for a cheap but effective tool, this is ideal.”

Dr. Pernix

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