Digital Thermometer Hygrometer


Digital thermometer hygrometer with remote probes. All in one tool to measure temperature and humidity.

  • Clip out arm for a free standing unit
  • Indoor Temperature Range:-10C-50C (14F-122F)
  • Outdoor Temperature Range:- -50-+70C(- 58F~158F)
  • Outdoor Humidity Measuring Range:-10- 95%RH
  • Uses AAA batteries (Included)


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Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

High-quality max min thermometer hygrometer for precise supervision of the temperature and air humidity in terrariums, vivariums and reptile tanks or other applications such as brooders and incubators. The unit will show the temperature at the remote probe (OUT) and at gauge (IN). The readout can be switched using the IN/OUT button function. The Max Min button function will show the maximum or minimum temperatures at either the gauge or remote probe. The humidity level is measured using the remote humidity probe. Each external probe has cable length of 36″ (900mm) with suction cup. Stores maximum and minimum temperatures. This product is also commonly used as part of an experts reptile tank equipment.

Product Specifications

  • Indoor Temperature Range: -10 to +50°C (+14 to +122°F)
  • Outdoor Temperature Range: -50 to +70°C (-58 to +158°F)
  • Humidity Range: 10 to 95% RH
  • Cable lengths: 1m
  • Accuracy: +/-1°C / +/- 5%RH
  • CE & RoHS/WEEE: Compliant
  • Product Weight: 76g
  • Product Dimensions: 63mm x 63mm x 22mm


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